Dr. Peter Denby & Dr. Michael LeVora

We are proud to announce the merger of Dr. Steven Carr’s practice into the office of Dr. Peter Denby and Dr. Michael LeVora. We, at Denby Dental, are a growing practice focused on offering families a relaxed, high quality dental experience to preserve and restore oral health.

Dr. Denby and Dr. LeVora are eager to meet the fine people who have been a part of Dr. Carr’s practice for many years. It is our hope that his patients find the same comfort here at our office that they had found at Dr. Carr’s. We look forward to greeting each patient into our practice and continuing to provide the high quality care that is both deserved and expected. In addition to the services Dr. Carr has provided, Dr. Denby and Dr. LeVora provide implant services, laser dentistry, and same day crowns.

If you were an active patient of Dr. Carr’s, you should have received an explanation letter via mail. We will be contacting patients with current scheduled appointments with Dr. Carr to arrange future plans. We are very blessed to have such amazing patients here at Dr. Denby and Dr. LeVora’s office, and we look forward to this opportunity to grow our family. We are always accepting new patients. Please contact our office for appointments or if you have any questions or concerns.