All of us are familiar with the dreaded whine of a dental drill. We are all equally apprehensive about getting "a shot". Fortunately, these problems are now a thing of the past. At Denby Dental, we use a Biolase water laser that can safely and painlessly anesthetize a tooth and can make the drill obsolete.

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Laser Dentist and the Comfort of Using Laser in Dentistry

Laser dentistry is considered as one of the major milestones in the dental industry. This technology has made dental treatments and procedures faster and less invasive. There are various lasers and laser procedures that can be availed and performed by a professional laser dentist. Laser dentistry has practically opened the door for many dentists to perform more dental procedures in a much easier way. While laser industry is still a new concept, more treatments are now integrated with this dental technology while equipping more laser dentist professionals.

A laser dentist uses laser technology in many applications intended for the soft and hard tissue areas. Some of the most common procedures in which laser dentistry can be used are scaling, decay removal, laser whitening and gum contouring. Laser surgery is often done in conjunction with the usual and traditional dental procedures that we know. The laser technology often acts to enhance the traditional dental techniques making the procedure more effective and safer. These days, most patients prefer to undergo the laser dentistry procedures rather than the conventional procedures alone.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

A laser dentist who uses this dental technology can offer a lot of benefits to the patients who need to undergo restorative or cosmetic dental treatments.

One of the many benefits that a laser dentist can offer is that there is no need for direct contact with the patient’s teeth. Comfort is guaranteed since there is no need to use the traditional drill. With lasers, the effects and sounds of drilling are not felt by the patient. At the beginning of a dental treatment, the laser dentist can also easily kill the bacteria inside the mouth since the technology is able to create a sterile surface. Patients who undergo laser dentistry also experience less swelling and bleeding after the dental procedure.

In addition, patients can also experience virtually pain free treatments through this dental breakthrough. A laser dentist imposes a less invasive treatment through the laser dentistry technology.

A laser dentist can apply the technology of laser dentistry in various treatments.

  • A¬†laser dentist¬†can easily perform whitening through this technology.¬†A peroxide bleaching gel needs to be applied which will be activated with the beam of light. Through this procedure, the enamel of the tooth would be penetrated by the gel. This normally requires only one appointment with a laser dentist.
  • Oral surgery has become easier with laser dentistry.¬†Tissues are no longer prone to infection and damage through laser dentistry. Bleeding is also minimized with this kind of dental technology.
  • Detection of cavity is now possible through radiographs.¬†The surface is scanned using a light beam, and is read by the dentist. Through this, the level of decay can be evaluated easily and quickly.
  • Sensitivity is often an issue for many patients.¬†But with laser dentistry, this may just be a thing of the past. Laser dentistry is known to minimize cases of hypersensitivity.
  • Tumors can now be removed through the laser dentistry technology.¬†While this may cost more, the results are guaranteed while causing less pain and swelling on the part of the patient who needs this treatment.¬†

Laser dentistry has a long list of benefits to offer to patients. Obviously, this dental technology has helped in providing more options to patients when it comes to sensitive dental procedures and treatments. With laser dentistry, patients will no longer be discouraged to visit their dentists for the needed treatments since they can be done without pain.

We at Denby Dental provide laser dentistry.  If you are considering this type of procedure, please feel free to contact us for further details or to arrange and appointment.